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5 Crucial Reasons for an “Annual Loan Review”

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Dear Friend,

Here’s a quick note to let you know how I can help you or the person you feel comfortable introducing me to.

Just like an annual physical, it’s important to do an “Annual Loan Review.” Your loan may be your biggest debt, so it’s critical to keep up-to-date on the answers to these five crucial questions: 

  1. What can you do now to stop paying mortgage insurance and save $200/mo.?
  2. What is your current credit score and what can you do now to improve it so you can lower your house payment?
  3. What can you do now to lower your interest rate and lower your house payment?
  4. What can you do now to shorten your loan term so to become debt-free faster?
  5. What can you do now to take out some equity from your home and use it to improve your personal wealth?

The next time you are in a conversation with a friend, family member or neighbour who is talking about their home loan, remember the future belongs to those who prepare, and I am prepared to help you and the people you care about. Call or text and we’ll start right away. Together we’ll make the future better than ever!

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Peter Guzzo

Peter’s sociability, independent spirit, and incredible customer service set him apart as a top agent in the South Western Ontario market. He works with a range of clients, as well as investors and local residents. Whether a client is in the market for a single-family home or a luxury penthouse, Peter is there to help out. Between his time in the hospitality and real estate industries, he knows what good service is all about.

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