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When Life Doesn’t Give You Lemons . . .

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Two children are fighting over a lemon. In every moment their opposition intensifies. Their voices get louder while their movements become more forceful. The mother, seeing and hearing this commotion quickly separates the children and takes on the role of a judge. She splits the lemon in half and gives one half to each child. Both children start crying.

Now, the mother takes on the role of a mediator and asks each child why they want the whole lemon. The first child says, “I want to make a full glass of lemonade,” the next child says, “but I need the peel to make a lemon bar!”

Everyone laughs as they realize they each have exactly what they need to make what they want.

Wisdom reveals most conflicts can be resolved when opposing sides let go of what they want and start first with what they need.

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Peter Guzzo

Peter’s sociability, independent spirit, and incredible customer service set him apart as a top agent in the South Western Ontario market. He works with a range of clients, as well as investors and local residents. Whether a client is in the market for a single-family home or a luxury penthouse, Peter is there to help out. Between his time in the hospitality and real estate industries, he knows what good service is all about.

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